About Polly

Polly Marie Fielding has worked as a nanny, teacher, masseuse, author and artist.

Polly's own experiences have always been the motivation for her writing, first in the form of articles for magazines and newspapers then in a book when her young son was diagnosed with a serious blood-clotting disorder.

Adopted as a baby, Polly developed a compulsive need to trace her real mother. Her search resulted in a life-changing meeting in the USA; an intriguing relationship developed with far-reaching consequences and became the basis of her next book.

The diet and recipe books that followed were inspired by her personal, ultimately successful, battle with weight; the one about Paris grew out of her immense love for this exciting, vibrant city.

After a severe breakdown in her mental health, Polly wrote about what led up to it and her journey to recovery. As part of this journey she was encouraged by an occupational therapist to use her passion for bright colours to paint pictures. Immersing herself for hours in fields of poppies and glowing sunsets helped her to cope and provided an oasis of peace.

She currently lives in North Yorkshire where she writes and paints in a small hobby house in her garden.

Polly would be delighted to hear from you. Simply click on 'contact' above or get in touch via Twitter: @FieldingPolly